Q: How do I destroy my friend?

i just started playing and I'm pretty garbage, please help :)

Hey, thanks for playing the game! Here are a few tips:
- Disasters do predictable amount of damage. If before the first Disaster is drawn your castle has 2X, 2 Moon and 2 Square protections, then you're guaranteed to not take damage. With the second Disaster all you need is 4 X, 4 Moon and 4 Squares and so on. If you prioritise getting these protections you can then build whatever you want afterwards, giving you lots of possibilities.
- Grab the Bunker or Safe Room whenever you can. They're incredibly powerful defensive cards that will do wonders for beginners.

Safe Room

- Grab Vaults whenever you can. Simply playing to make sure you aren't taking Disaster damage and grabbing Vaults is a very powerful and viable strategy.
- Try to build your castle with a strategy in mind. Certain cards in Disastles, like Commanders Chambers, Gravity Generator or the Market will win you the game if you manage to enable them and use their effects properly. Don't pick too many of these cards though. They require your castle to be build around them and having too many will weaken your overall strategy.
- Keep links open. It isn't always the best strategy to use link effects right away but instead it's usually better to have at least one easy to activate link available at all times to undo an attack your opponents did on your castle or to prevent them from growing too powerful.

Commanders Chamber
Gravity Generator

I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the game!