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What is Disastles?

Disastles is a non-traditional physical card game developed by a small independent team. The game is beautifully illustrated, simple to learn and easy to set up, transport and store.

In July 2018 we succesfully held a Kickstarter campaign to help us manufacture the game. Since then we have shipped over 2000 copies of the game.

Who are we?

We are a small group of 3 people: Philipp Baumgart designed the game and organized and planned the Kickstarter as well as manufacturing. Jeremy Carver played a big part in coming up with the original concept and did all of the artwork for the game. Miki Baumgart greatly helped with running the Kickstarter and is the access point for all messages and questions from the community and handled shipping the games.

Where can I learn more about the game?

The “How to play” section of our website explains the rules of the game and in the “Card Gallery” you can find all the cards available in Disastles.

Can I try the game?

Yes! You can go to game.disastles.com to play a completely free version of Disastles. You can also find the game on Tabletop Simulator on Steam here.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can reach us via email or the contact page on this website.

Philipp’s email address: baumi@thinkingbottle.com
Miki’s email address: miki@thinkingbottle.com
Jeremy’s email address: steamhatstore@gmail.com

You can also find us on Twitter:

Philipp: @CaptainBaumi
Miki: @mikithebunny
Jeremy: @Steamhat

Do you give out review copies?

Absolutely! Just send Miki an email and we’ll talk.