In the following section we’ll be explaining how to play the base game of Disastles. If you’re interested in more details or the additional game modes we recommend downloading the manual at the bottom of the page. You can also read more about the individual cards in the game here.


Before you start the game, give each player a Throne Room and choose who starts the game.

throne rooms.png

In the box you will find 25 Disasters (12 Disasters + 13 Catastrophes), 10 Throne Rooms, 3 rules cards, 15 DYI cards and 100 room cards. The 100 room cards are the deck.

Deck Conten4howtoplatyt.png

Shuffle the deck, then take of the top 15 or so cards and place them to the side. Randomly select 6 Disasters and shuffle them into the remaining deck of cards. Then place the top 15 or so cards we put to the side back on top of the deck.

Disastles is structured into rounds.


Who goes first and last each round is always changing.


During your turn you may do one of two things:

Play a card from the shop.


Take an action.

Actions are:
Swap 2 of your rooms.
Move one of your outer rooms.
Use a room with the “Action” keyword.

It’s important to remember that taking a card from the shop isn’t an action. Various cards allow you to take extra actions but these extra actions can’t be used to play additional cards from the shop.


Different rooms have different effects. There are Link rooms, Action rooms and Passive rooms.

Remember, that as long as any room with text doesn’t have all its golden connections properly matched it is considered to be a room without text.


If a player is forced to discard their Throne Room they’re knocked out of the game.

After all Disasters have been drawn and their damage has been dealt the game is over and the player with the most treasure wins.


This tutorial gives you a strong basis for playing through a base game of Disastles. For more information and additional game modes, check out the rulebook here:

Disastles Game Manual (English) PDF
Disastles Spielregeln (Deutsch) PDF