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Overview over already answered questions:

Treasury and Market

Does the Treasury effect apply first to a vaults base value or does the market effect apply first?


The Treasury applies first. The Treasury says “your vaults are worth one more treasure”, which is a modification to the vaults treasure values. The Market however simply doubles the values the Vaults have, allowing you to efficiently stack the effects.

Getting both the Market and Treasury at the same time is a great way to earn a lot of treasure!

Thanks for playing Disastles!


Q: Several questions regarding rotation. (From different people.)

I have several questions regarding rotating cards. Can you rotate cards only 90° or as much as you like (if so in- or excluding 360°). Is it allowed to rotate a room in such a way that it looses all connections and has to be discarded or does the room have to keep at least 1 connection?


You can rotate cards as much as you like in 90° steps. So 90°, 180° or 270° (90° in the other direction).

No it’s not allowed to rotate a room in such a way that it looses all connections. That would be breaking placement rules and you’re never allowed to break placement rules. Your room has to retain at least 1 connection.

A few more questions from BGG:

Have some questions about certain cases of card placement and connection points. I'll write my assumptions below the images, hoping someone can clarify .


This is allowed because the bottom right card is rotated and does not touch the top right card.

No, this isn’t allowed. Functionally the cards are considered to still be next to each other and so the room in the top right currently has a connection point line up with a wall.


This is allowed because neither of the two bottom cards have connection points facing each other.



This is NOT allowed. Even though both the bottom two cards have valid connections to the two top cards, there is an invalid connection between the two bottom cards.


And finally, a question we’ve been asked often:

If I rotate a card 360° does it reactivate links?

No. Functionally you didn’t rotate the room 360°, you rotated it 0°. This can’t be used to activate links again.

Q: How do I destroy my friend?

i just started playing and I'm pretty garbage, please help :)

Hey, thanks for playing the game! Here are a few tips:
- Disasters do predictable amount of damage. If before the first Disaster is drawn your castle has 2X, 2 Moon and 2 Square protections, then you're guaranteed to not take damage. With the second Disaster all you need is 4 X, 4 Moon and 4 Squares and so on. If you prioritise getting these protections you can then build whatever you want afterwards, giving you lots of possibilities.
- Grab the Bunker or Safe Room whenever you can. They're incredibly powerful defensive cards that will do wonders for beginners.

Safe Room

- Grab Vaults whenever you can. Simply playing to make sure you aren't taking Disaster damage and grabbing Vaults is a very powerful and viable strategy.
- Try to build your castle with a strategy in mind. Certain cards in Disastles, like Commanders Chambers, Gravity Generator or the Market will win you the game if you manage to enable them and use their effects properly. Don't pick too many of these cards though. They require your castle to be build around them and having too many will weaken your overall strategy.
- Keep links open. It isn't always the best strategy to use link effects right away but instead it's usually better to have at least one easy to activate link available at all times to undo an attack your opponents did on your castle or to prevent them from growing too powerful.

Commanders Chamber
Gravity Generator

I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the game!

Homeowners Association

Homeowners Association allows you to “rearrange” surrounding rooms.

Rearranging allows you to pick up all cards surrounding Homeowners Association and place them anew. It’s very important to remember that placement rules must still be respected. This can be used to reactivated links although not the one from Homeowners Association.

Homeowners Association